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How to combat the post-vacation mind trap

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A cute “kitten”

Recently I heard a story about a man who raised a Bengal tiger in his Harlem apartment. He purchased the cat when it was a baby and was being bottle fed. He slept with it, cuddled with it, and considered it a domestic pet. After two years, the tiger was now a full grown 475-pound predatory Bengal tiger. Finally, the tiger attacked the man and when he went to the hospital, he lied and told them he was attacked by a pit bull.

What started out as a very small, cute “kitten” grew into a full-grown tiger. It happened over time. Here is the surprising part. He knew, and was fully aware, that he had a tiger but convinced himself that it was okay. They were close and bonded. Never mind all the other cases where someone who kept a wild animal and was attacked by that very same animal. He told himself his situation was controlled and different.

Post-Vacation Mind Trap

Do I have your attention? It is now August, we have all had our vacations, relaxed schedule (or maybe even your vacation was hectic) and relaxed everything. Our eating, exercise, our health. I’ll be honest, I don’t know anyone who goes on vacation and doesn’t let some things go. It’s about fun, not worrying, not thinking about all the stresses. I understand. I do it myself. But I am here to inform you that vacations, summer, and relaxed schedules are much like raising a Bengal tiger.

Before you know it, it becomes a predator always lurking around the corner. Less sleep, less healthy food, more of the things we love. Then, often, there is a depression following summer vacations. It is a slow, constant spin cycle that starts to eat away at us just like that tiger. (Okay, that might be a bad pun). How does the story end? How does your story go?

Obstacle or Opportunity

Health and wellness are the same way. The longer we are out of practice, the harder it is to get back in a routine. Good news, it is not quite like starting all over again. After all, teachers do not have to reteach everything. Muscle memory is great and even though time has passed, we come back quicker than before. Your body knows when it felt better and truly wants to get back to there. The biggest obstacle is us and taking the first step.

1. Drink more water. The most useful way to detox your body and eliminate toxins. Two glasses upon waking.

2. Get familiar with your vegetables again. Vegetables are packed with fiber to get your digestive tract moving, pushing out wastes, salt, and toxins from your colon along with unsightly belly bulges from all-to-familiar travel constipation.

3. Head to the grocery store and start to prepare for the week. It’s easy to order out since there isn’t anything in the house.

4. Get in touch with what makes you feel bloated. Diet sodas, alcohol, protein bars.

5. Get physical. Make the appointment or phone call to get back into the gym.

Your body knows when it felt better and truly wants to get back to there. The biggest obstacle is us and taking the first step.

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